Beekeeping Insurance Program Details

BeeInsure is a program created specifically for Beekeeping. Other insurance companies attempt to wedge beekeeping into their farm, crop, or agriculture insurance which don’t do an adequate job of protecting beekeepers. We’ve built an insurance product specifically to cover beekeepers and provide them an insurance premium discount by being part of a beekeeper risk purchasing group.

Beekeeping Insurance

Broad Coverage and High Limits

Full Commercial General Liability Including Products Coverage for Beekeeping Related Exposures

$1,000,000 Per Occurrence / $2,000,000 Aggregate

Deductible: $250

Low Premium

Starting at $350 per year

Carrier Information

Well-Known, National Insurance Carrier

Rated “A” (Excellent) by A.M. Best

Frequently Asked Questions

Doesn’t my homeowner’s insurance cover beekeeping?

Homeowner’s insurance companies are rarely comfortable covering beekeeping activities. While they might cover a sting or a swarm, they are likely to drop your coverage the first time this happens. It’s always a good idea to check with your homeowner’s insurance for specifics. Additionally, your homeowner’s policy has much lower limits and doesn’t cover product liability.

Why do I need insurance to sell my products?

Many markets and craft fairs will require you to have a certificate of liability if you want to be involved. This protects them against most liabilities at your booth. BeeInsure will cover not only their requirements but also covered liability associated with your product.

Why do I need beekeeping insurance?

Particularly as a hobbyist or sideliner, you might be asking yourself if insurance is worth the expense. You’re already spending a lot of money for your bees, hives, and equipment, why should you shell out more every year for something that doesn’t directly contribute to your hobby?

Simply that no matter how safe and careful you are, there are risks associated with beekeeping, even in your own backyard. There’s potential liability associated with injury to others such as from allergic reactions to stings. Also, if you sell or give your honey or products to others, beekeepers insurance protects you against covered liabilities associated with those products.

How is your insurance program different from others?

Some programs tout that they allow you to take advantage of the USDA’s Apiculture Insurance program. While the program is useful, it only covers your honey production if there’s a decline in precipitation or forage growth. They don’t cover you for any of the bigger risks associated with beekeeping such as physical injury to others or liabilities caused from the products you make with your byproducts.

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